About Us

Carat Club is a precious project consisted of 5 unique luxury villas.

All 5 villas is a signature project of a famous architect Michalis Ioannou, who combined the best elements of architecture and design : Greek antiques , new technology, high quality marble and granite, expensive types of wood, beautiful mosaics.

Every house has cinema, lift, "smart house" system , outdoor pool with sea water and concierge service available at any tine of the day.

Carar Club project is located on the first line, just 80 meters away from the sea, on a small hill with an incredible panoramic view. In the morning when you will be sitting on a large marble balcony and drink a Cypriot coffee - the most aromatic coffe in the world. You will feel that there is nothing else in the world apart from you , the sea and light breeze

Carat Club - the important reasons to choose this place:

1. Cyprus is the safest European country. It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The crime rate is very low, no aggression , no racism

2. Investment attractiveness of Carat Club Project

The business climate is not less attractive than the natural one through the beneficial tax regime as well as because of the exemption from the taxes of the foreign business partners' income. As for the land value where the Carat Club villas are built it is constantly growing and attracting investors from all over the world. Shortly the implementation of one of the grand projects of the Mediterranean will take place , that is the construction of the fashionable yacht club for 1000 places and the premium class entertainment park. All that will more increase the investment attractiveness of the Carat Club project

3. Developed infrastructure

Paphos - major financial and cultural center of the island wih well developed transportation system. Many banks are situated in the city, the system of public and private medical services is developed and considered as one of the best in Europe. Paphos has all significant museums of Greek Cyprus, there are monuments of different periods - from Prehistoric times to Medieval Period
One of the biggest advantages of Paphos is the international airport, located 10 minutes drive away from the city

4. Education

Paphos has a variety of prvate schools with guarantee an excellent education: British schools, American academey. Certificates and diplomas that are graduates are getting give the the unlimited possibilities to study in any University in Europe, England or USA
In Cyprus as well as in Paphos there are many universities which hold high positions in International ratings.

5. Every owner of one of the 5 Carat Club villas - "together with the keys from the house will get European citizenship, the ability of unlimited travelling without visas and borders and the life in the most paradisiacal and safe place in Europe",