Construction Technology of the Carat Club Villas

Building interior finish of walls and ceilings
The interior walls of the villas are made of red airbrick; they are 10, 20 and 30 cm wide. Each wall is finished with plaster and painted by a high quality latex paint. The finishing of the ceiling decorated by plasterwork along the perimeter underline the exclusiveness of the interior design. There is a hidden lighting in each part of the ceiling.

Environmentally friendly exterior finishing
The exterior finish of walls is done by Kourasant, an environmentally friendly high quality color textured plaster. The colors of the plaster blend with the sand of the seashore and milky white clouds of the Mediterranean. The exterior finish doesn’t require any attention. It provides secure protection for the walls from destruction and protects the rooms from overheating.

The width of the outer walls of the luxurious houses is 43 mm. They are done by best workers according to the double-bricking technology, they are covered by up-to-date isolation materials and finished with a high quality plaster from both sides.

Doors and windows with sunscreen
Door and window frames of the patio are made of high quality anodized white aluminum in accordance with the Rabel cutting edge winterization technology. Double glazing securely keeps warmth and provides good acoustic characteristics. Window films ideally let in the sun light protecting from harmful ultraviolet rays. The doors and windows of the inner yard are equipped with a reliable rolling device produced by S-onro Company providing their easy opening and reliable closing.

Balconies and perches made of natural marble
Window sills and perches, balconies and stanzas have an exclusive finishing- they are covered by plates of natural marble with grey marble veins.

A rare type of this expensive marble is supplied from the Greek island of Naksos. Marble finishing underlines the unique qualities of this architectural design and securely protects from the negative impact of the environment. Three waterproofing layers of modern materials provide quality protection.

Smart House automatic control system
Today this is the most up-to-date intellectual control system. A few sensor screens installed in the house allow you to change lighting or regulate window blinds just by one touch. You can use the system from any device that has Wi-Fi- iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can access the system locally or remotely. Also, the Smart House automatic system controls the work of the heating, air conditioning and security systems. Wi-Fi is always turned on and the signal in the territory of the Carat Club residential complex is excellent.

A reliable high capacity elevator produced by OTIS connects all the floors of the Carat Club luxurious residencies. The elevator is equipped with soft lighting in the ceiling, oak walls and a marble floor.
Heating system with sun batteries.

Heating system powered by sun batteries
Floor standing water heating systems made in accordance with the most up-to-date technology function in all the rooms of the villas. An energy efficient hydraulic pump is powered by sun batteries. In the bathrooms of the villas there are towel dryers with heating also connected to the heating system.

Climate control: always a good weather in your house!
In the rooms of all the floors there is an effective system of air conditioning by a prominent producer Daikin. Air ducts’ openings are hidden in the drywall ceilings.

All the rooms and areas of the Carat Club villas are connected to the central air duct.

The control system for opening and closing of sun blinds in each residency is connected to the Smart House automatic control system. If necessary, the owner can any time open the blinds by pressing a button of an electric switch.

There is also a mode of partial opening that can provide the most comfortable conditions for the owner. When this mode is on an optimal amount of sunlight gets in without irritating eyes together with refreshing and healing air of the Mediterranean.

When the sun is 23° above the horizon the Smart House system automatically closes the blinds preventing the sunlight from getting into the rooms of the villas.

Kitchen as a work of art, technology as a style!

Exclusive kitchens
The kitchens of each Carat Club residency are equipped with the most up-to-date functioning equipment allowing to cook refined dishes; they also serve as a proof of high aesthetic preferences of the owner.

Massive and elegant oak furniture goes well with pieces made of redwood and granite table tops. LED based lighting in the ceiling with plasterwork borders adds luxury to the interior.

Highest class- built-in home appliances Gaggenau:
Double door refrigerator 60cm + 60cm
Kitchen stove with an air exhaust
Microwave oven
Coffee maker
Dish washing machine

Magic water and other wonderful additions for this life:
A Strauss system is used for purifying cold and hot water. Under the large deep washing basin with a high mixer tap there is a built-in trash duct. The kitchen furniture has a mechanism of noiseless and soft opening of drawers, draw-out baskets and drawers for trash.
Kitchen and Laundry where one wants to be creative
The kitchen-laundry is located in the basement and has the same finishing as the main kitchen and has the following appliances:
Refrigerator 60 cm
Washing machine and dryer Gaggenau
Dryer built in the wall with rails.

Mini-kitchen for guests on the ground floor
The mini-kitchen has the finishing and the appliances that are comparable with the main kitchen. Here there is expensive oak furniture with granite table tops. Guests can use a bar, a washing basin, home appliances. The Miele refrigerator is also used as a counter.

Entrance and interior doors
Each house in the villa has exclusively secure paneled doors with fine finishing. Interior doors are made of whole oak.

Security, confidentiality and calm

The structure of the fencing of the Carat Club villas
Each residency is surrounded by high and reliable walls for maximum security.

All concrete bars and columns installed around the territory of each luxurious villa are 30 cm wide and comply with all the EU anti-seismic regulations.

All the reinforced-concrete structures are covered with quality isolating coating 7 to 17 cm wide and provide good thermal conductivity and provide optimal heat removal.
Stairs Railing and Fencing
The exterior is supplemented by rails and fencing of pools and porches underlying the unique luxurious architectural style. They are all tiled with natural marble and have handmade forged metal details and laminated glass. They successfully underline the unique architectural design of the Carat Club villas.

The rails of the marble stairs of the main entrance are made of oak, the fencing include complex handmade details made of worked metal.

Private road
Near the Carat Club residential complex there is a private road covered with granite plates. It is lighted by LED based lighting and provided with water from the main water supply line. Access to each villa is through the main gates controlled remotely. Along the private road there is additional fencing and gates controlled remotely. The front of villas is separated from the private road by a stripe of green trees 9 meters wide.

Automatic security system
Modern high resolution CCTV cameras with sensors are installed all over the territory of the Carat Club residential complex; they immediately send an alarm in case of intrusion. The security system is controlled through the Smart House automatic control system.