Living Space (Home Theatre, Bedroom #4, Sauna, Laundry Room, Shower, Ventilation System)90.00 m2
Parking100.75 m2
Floats41.10/39.55/36.10 m2
Storage Room18.00 m2
Water Facilities Area14.00 m2
Technical Room13.55 m2

First Floor

Living Space (Entrance Hall, Stairs, Elevator, Guest Bathroom, Wardrobe, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room)131.15 m2
Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi79.10 m2
Covered Porches50.70 m2

Living Space , Elevators and Halls, WC and Swimming Pool, Green Zone

Second Floor

Living Space (Main Bedroom, Main Bathroom, Wardrobe, Bedroom #2 with a bathroom, bedroom #3 with a bathroom, Stairs, Kitchen, Stairs to the Roof, Ventilation System134.90 m2
Covered Porches12.90 m2
Open Terraces (Patio)4.85 m2

Total Floor

Living Space356.05 m2
Covered Porches63.60 m2
Open Terraces (Patio)208.35/207.65/204.05 m2
Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi79.10 m2
Additional Rooms187.40/185.85/182.40 m2